Built and opened as the Maryfield Memorial Union Hospital.  After 40 years as a Hospital & Clinic the facility was closed.
         September of 1999, new owners, Richard Childs and Jaynè Raven arrived and after their first year they opened as  a Bed  & Breakfast.               The building renamed as Atelier Manor welcomed  guests locally and from all over the world, for over 7 years,  closed as a B & B in 2009
 Atelier has hosted several Art, Music & Community events.                                                                 2005 Aerial View
2019        After 2 decades the building built as an institution by a Community has transformed into a very unique property.
                       Gardens have filled in the 100 Foot heart  garden & close to a hundred trees, shrubs & fruit trees planted all about.
                       The Childs who were married at Atelier, have developed the top floor as their private residence and the downstairs 
                       formally used as the hospitals kitchen, laundry and Nurses Quarters is now their studios, workshops and fish ponds.
                       The rear of the property is filled with gardens and ponds all created around a 20 x24 greenhouse.
             The Porch is J Childs Gallery for Jardinière and displays several collections
Studio visits  by arrangement
Porch visit dates are posted on Facebook