In 1948 the residents of the Village of Maryfield and surrounding area came together and with the Federal government and a lot of Community support from fundraising to linens for the wards,
they came together and built this unique cottage style Hospital.

Wards for 8 beds and a pre-delivery unit off the operating room with a nusery, it was a busy building. The Matron and nurses lived on the ground floor and with the dumb waiter the downstairs kitchen and laundry room served everyone and took great care of all their needs. Including a large cistern room that supplied the whole buildings continous needs along with a well, the back yard clotheslines hung full of sheets and diapers daily.

Over 2 decades it operated as Hospital then in 1968 closed it doors and became a clinic for the area offering many services till the doors were closed again. It was then used as a pre-school upstairs on the west wing and different community groups held meetings and activities, till finally the Village had the property surveyed and subdivided and sold off as Tendered parcels.